Bill Clinton: Obama Got Favorable Media Coverage Because He Is Black

Mike Brest Reporter

Former President Bill Clinton said on CBS’s “Sunday Morning” that fellow former President Obama received favorable treatment from the media during his time in office as a result of his race.

“You hear from Trump supporters who say ‘You know the press slobbered all over President Obama,'” CBS’s Mo Rocca said. “He could do no wrong. And now [Trump] can do no right. What gives? That there’s some kind of whiplash.”

“They liked him. And they liked having the first African American president and he was a good president I think,” Clinton said about the media.

He added, “Well they did treat him differently than other Democrats and Republicans.”

“I couldn’t be elected anything now ’cause I just don’t like embarrassing people,” Clinton later added after being asked if he’d run now.

Clinton was on the show with author James Patterson to promote their new book “The President Is Missing,” which is expected to be released this month.