Crazy: Rob Reiner Says Trump Is First President ‘Supported By Mainstream Media’ [VIDEO]

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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During a guest appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Friday, acclaimed director Rob Reiner claimed that President Trump represented “the first time” that an American President had enjoyed the support of the mainstream media.

Reiner began by saying that the majority of Americans don’t care about the threats presented by Russia because everything is too complicated, and most people only get their information from one source.

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He explained, “They don’t care because they don’t really understand it. It’s very, very complicated, and if you are only getting your information from one place, it’s very difficult to penetrate. This is the first time also in American history where we have had a president — every president uses propaganda to sell a policy — Republicans and Democrats. To sell a policy, so sell a rationale for going to war — but this is the first time we have had a president that is supported by mainstream media.”

Reiner then went on to describe which outlets he was including in his description of “mainstream media,” complaining that “43 percent of the country are getting their news only” from:

  • Fox News
  • Breitbart
  • Sinclair
  • Alex Jones

And while some would certainly question Reiner’s assessment of which outlets constitute “mainstream media,” most would argue that former President Obama had much more support from a much broader range of outlets than President Trump.

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Even former President Bill Clinton admitted as much just a few days earlier.