‘You Do NOT Get To Have Asylum For That’ — Jeff Sessions Defends Immigration Policies On Tucker’s Show

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended American asylum policies on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday, saying that not everyone gets to come to the United States.


“You do not get to come to America if you have a private threat or–someone personally attacks you,” Sessions said.

“You do not get to have asylum for that, it’s based on your race, religion or nationality, that you are part of some special identifiable group that’s being persecuted in your home country. That’s what it takes to have an asylum.” (RELATED: ‘It’s Just Unbelievable’: Jeff Sessions Lays Down The Law With Tucker [VIDEO])

“I believe it’s right legally, I’m totally confident it’s consistent with the intent of the drafters of the INA, our law, and I believe it will help us manage our caseloads better and give more focus to the people who deserve to be given asylum and help us eliminate those who are not worthy of the asylum,” Sessions also said.

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