Ben Ferguson Eviscerates Bob Corker In Epic Rant

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Frequent CNN guest Ben Ferguson tore into Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker for his recent remarks about the GOP being a “cult-like situation.”



“People started realizing that Bob Corker was a fraud, he wasn’t a real conservative, he wasn’t doing what he promised he was going to do when he went to Washington. … He’s gone now. He wouldn’t have been able to win re-election,” Ferguson said. (RELATED: Crowd At Trump Rally Boos Senator Bob Corker)

Ferguson continued his assault, questioning the timing of Corker’s comment. “So only after he had already lost, he then decides, oh, I’m going to be a truth teller. I’m going to say it like it is. Well, if you would have done that when you were actually elected, you might have actually gotten re-elected this time, but you were a fraud.”

Brooke Baldwin attempted to interject, but Ferguson was not yet done, stating, “This is about people like Bob Corker, who cared more about being important and more about being famous in Washington than they did about doing what they said they were going to do.”

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