Jim Jordan Explodes On AG Sessions For Defending Rosenstein

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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House Judiciary member Jim Jordan ripped Attorney General Jeff Sessions to shreds on Tuesday night after he defended the actions of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.


A new report revealed that Rosenstein was threatening to subpoena members of the House Intelligence Committee and Jordan ripped Sessions for not keeping his underling in check. (RELATED: Rod Rosenstein To Ask House Intel Committee To Investigate Republican Staffers)

“I’m almost flabbergasted, I mean, what is the attorney general saying?” Jordan said. “Rod Rosenstein hasn’t complied with Devin Nunes’ subpoena, hasn’t complied with Chairman Goodlatte’s subpoena, we’ve caught them hiding information in the Strzok-Page text messages.”

“Rod Rosenstein was threatening members of the House Intelligence Committee for doing their job, for trying to get answers for the American people and the attorney general says ‘that’s okay we’re doing just fine’?” the Republican congressman questioned.

“I didn’t know he had said that when you just played that and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?'” Jordan concluded.

Christopher Smith also contributed to this report. 

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