‘GOTTA GO’: Laura Ingraham Calls On Trump To Fire Scott Pruitt

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham thinks Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has “gotta go” in the wake of new reports he tapped GOP donors to help his wife find a job.

Ingraham linked to a new report detailing how Pruitt used a top aide and GOP donors to help his wife, Marlyn Pruitt, find a job.

Ingraham’s call for Pruitt to go comes as the conservative group American Future Fund puts out ads calling on Trump to fire the embattled EPA head in the wake of alleged ethical breaches and overspending on personal security.

American Future Fund’s 30-second ad is set to initially air in Nebraska and South Dakota and claims, “Scott Pruitt is a swamp monster” before featuring a clip of Trump saying “you’re fired” on his hit TV show “The Apprentice.”

Pruitt has come under fire from Democratic lawmakers, environmental activists and even some Republicans for his alleged ethical lapses and spending habits, including taking first class flights and beefing up his security detail.

Lawmakers and EPA’s Office of Inspector General have open investigations into Pruitt’s actions. The Government Accountability Office recently ruled EPA broke the law by building a $43,000 secure phone booth without notifying Congress — however, they did so by reclassifying a secure phone booth as office furnishings.

Most conservative leaders and pundits, however, have stood by Pruitt as media reports trickled out, detailing alleged scandals during his time at the EPA. Conservative talk show hosts Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh have also come to Pruitt’s defense. (RELATED: Berkeley Declares A ‘Climate Emergency,’ Calls For Population Control)

Prominent conservatives argue Pruitt’s being attacked by the left and media because of his success in rolling back Obama-era EPA regulations.

“He’s being singled out for doing something that has always been done because that’s how they view the best way to go get the guy and discredit him, rather than to try to frighten people about what he’s doing with the regulatory side of things,” Limbaugh said on his radio show in April.

So far, Trump has ignored calls for Pruitt’s removal. The president has consistently defended Pruitt in public, including twice since the beginning of June.

“Scott Pruitt is doing a great job within the walls of the EPA. I mean, we’re setting records,” Trump told reporters.

“Outside, he’s being attacked very viciously by the press,” Trump said. “And I’m not saying that he’s blameless, but we’ll see what happens.”

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