Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders If Trump Is Using Children As Pawns — She Drops A Wall

Benny Johnson | Columnist, Viral Politics

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took answered questions Monday over the furor that has been stoked in recent weeks over the Trump administration separation illegal immigrant parents from their children.

In one particular exchange, Sanders was asked if the administration was using children as “pawns” in order to get comprehensive immigration reform.

The Daily Mail’s Francesca Chambers asked if “the administration is not using the children as pawns in this situation, then why not just have Congress pass legislation that narrowly deals with the family separation issue and sign it?”

Sanders said, “We want to fix the entire system. We don’t want to just tinker with it. The president is tired of watching people kick it down the road and not take responsibility and not fix the problems that we have.”

The reporter pushed back, asking why the administration does not dal with this problem right now.
Sanders responded that the situation at the border is very bad and that the administration is concerned about people being “permanently separated” from their families by murderous gang members flooding into the country.

“We have people flooding over the borders,” Sanders said, “The president wants people to come to this country but we want them to come legally and through the right process. That’s what we are asking.” Sanders continued, “We want to secure the border. There have been a number of individuals that are permanently separated from their families due to the illegal aliens that have come across the border and murdered and killed American citizens. Where is the outrage over that separation?”

“We want to fix the whole thing,” Sanders concluded, “We don’t want to just tinker with one part of it. It’s a broken system we want to quit ignoring it.”


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