ICE Director: ‘It’s An Insult’ That Critics Compare Border Patrol To Nazi Germany

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan said it was “insulting” that critics compared border patrol to Nazi Germany Monday night on Tucker Carlson Tonight.


“They are simply enforcing laws enacted by Congress,” Homan said. “I wish I heard this much outrage about separation of families — I wish we met with mothers and fathers whose children were killed by illegal immigrants. Jewish citizen children that were killed and separated from their family forever.”

Homan continued, “I think people on the hill need to straighten themselves out. Let’s protect American citizens as much as you are lobbying for the legal alien.”

The acting ICE director added that over the past few days, he has “been incensed by the intentional misleading of the American people by politicians” that claim “the Trump administration wants to use these children as political pawns.”

“They are having a sideshow for these children talking about the issue,” Homan said. “The Trump administration wants Congress to fix it and no one is talking about the underlying reason for the whole argument. ”

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