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How many times have you thought you packed everything and then you get to the airport or your hotel and realize you forgot something? That is not a great feeling, and it happens to too many of us too much time. Rather than make your own check list where your mind might not think of everything, you should use the Knock Knock Pack This! Pad. It will make sure you’ve thought of everything.

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Normally $8, this packing pad is 17 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Knock Knock Pack This! Pad — $6.73

Here is how it works. Each page has the same checklist so you can use it many times for all your travels. Each page is divided into four sections, basics, miscellaneous, clothes, and hygiene. Then each section lists the necessary items in that category with a check box and a quantity box next to it. It covers all kinds of trips, so it will probably have more items than you might need at one time for a particular trip. You can then use the pad as you need to make sure you’ve packed everything. On the top it also conveniently lets you put the destination, time of travel, how long you’ll be traveling, and even mark the weather.

On the bottom it reminds you, “bring half as much as you think you need, and twice as much money.”

You can get the Knock Knock Pack This! Pad for only $6.31, and that includes 60 pages.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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