Trump Attacks Media For Helping Smugglers And Human Traffickers: ‘They Know It’

(Photo: Screenshot/Fox News)

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Donald Trump told a group of business leaders Tuesday that the news media is helping smugglers and human traffickers deliver migrants into the United States.

Trump spoke in the middle of media outrage over the administration enforcing America’s border laws — which has the consequence of separating some families at the border in order to prosecute the illegal immigrant adults.


Trump took the fight directly to the media in the back of the room during the speech.

“We don’t want people pouring into our country. We want them to come in through the process, through the legal system, and we want ultimately a merit-based system where people come in based on merit,” Trump said, “Keep in mind, those who apply for asylum legally at ports of entry are not prosecuted. The fake news media back there doesn’t talk about that.”

Trump continued to the laughing audience, “They are fake. They are helping, they are helping these smugglers and these traffickers like nobody would believe. They know it, they know exactly what they’re doing, and it should be stopped.”

The audience applauded and cheered at the line.

Trump concluded with comments about how savage some of the gangs that enter our country illegally are:

“People that come in violate the law, they endanger their children in the process and frankly, they endanger all of our children. You see what happens with MS-13, where your sons and daughters are attacked violently. Kids that never even heard of such a thing are being attacked violently, not with guns, but with knives because it’s much more painful,” Trump said. “Inconceivable that we even have to talk about MS-13 and other gangs. They attack violently, the most painful way possible. And a bullet is too quick.”

Trump said, “And we are allowing these people into our country? Not with me. We are taking them out by the thousands. We are taking them out by the thousands.”