Trump Hispanic Adviser Explains Immigration Policy To CNN Host

Mike Brest | Reporter

CNN political commentator and Trump Hispanic adviser Steve Cortes fought back against anchor Alisyn Camerota’s immigration claims on CNN Tuesday morning.


“I think if people commit crimes they need to be prosecuted, whether it is an American breaking and entering into a house or a Honduran breaking and entering into our country,” Cortes said.

“Unfortunately, when people commit crimes in the U.S., elsewhere, they are separated from their child,” he added. “That’s a terrible consequence for the child, it’s not the child’s fault. But it doesn’t mean that we can hold the parent blameless and allow them to wantonly break the law and have an open border, which is terrible for our economic and national security.”

There has been a recent outcry in regards to the separation of parents from their children when the apprehended trying to illegally enter the country. Both sides of the political aisle are condemning the situation and are blaming the other party. (RELATED: Sessions Says Illegal Immigrants With Children Aren’t Seeking Asylum)

When asked about families seeking asylum, Cortes responded, “They’re not doing it the right way. When you sneak across the border, you can’t seek asylum. When you come to a checkpoint — Alisyn, learn the law — you have to come to the checkpoint and raise your hand and say, ‘I’m here for asylum.’ If you do that even right now, even today, you are not separated from your children because you’re not committing a crime.”

“But if you sneak across and commit a crime, and then once you’re caught say, ‘Oh, I’d like asylum’ as a backup plan, well, that doesn’t work, and you are going to be separated from your children” he continued. “If you come the right way and ask for asylum at the checkpoints as you’re supposed to — at the legal crossing points — then we take a look at the merits of your case.”

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