Florida AG Bondi Describes The Moment ‘Three Huge Guys’ Confronted Her In A Movie Theater

Fox News 6/25/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi described getting verbally attacked while seeing a documentary last week on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning.


Bondi explains that she was approached out of nowhere by a screaming woman saying the AG “was personally ripping babies out of the arms of mothers,” and recording her responses.

“I said, ‘I’m glad you’re videoing this,'” Bondi said, “because I’ve never agreed with separating the mothers and the babies … because I was talking normally to them, they didn’t know what to do. So then, three huge guys came up and started — probably an inch from my face — screaming at me every word in the book, cursing as loud as they could,” Bondi stated.

The Florida attorney general was seeing a Mister Rogers documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”  when she was approached by multiple people spewing insults for what they said was her involvement in the separation of families who were apprehended trying to enter the country illegally. (RELATED: TRUMP-FRIENDLY FLORIDA AG PAM BONDI DRIVEN OUT OF MOVIE THEATER: ‘SHAME ON YOU’)

She continued, “What are you going to do, this far from my face? One spit on my head. I can’t say that was intentional because he was yelling so loud. I don’t know if he was spewing out of his mouth.”

When she was asked about Congresswoman Maxine Waters encouraging her supporters to rail Trump officials, Bondi stated, “If she asked people to protest, that’s one thing, but to continue this, they are inciting violence, it’s not just yelling at someone and cursing in public place, they were trying to create a fight.” (RELATED: MAXINE WATERS: GOD IS ON THE SIDE OF PEOPLE DRIVING TRUMP OFFICIALS FROM RESTAURANTS)

Bondi joins a list of Trump officials or government supporters who have been harassed in public. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary, and Kristjen Nielsen, secretary of Homeland Security, both left restaurants after being approached by people who were unhappy with their affiliations to the president.