ACLU Deputy Legal Director Ceclia Wang Goes After Christians Following SCOTUS Ruling On Travel Ban

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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ACLU deputy legal director Cecellia Wang went after Christians following the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Trump’s travel ban during a Tuesday segment on MSNBC.


Wang took a shot at Christians, claiming the Supreme Court has a history of “hypocrisy” in dealing with the faith group.

“As the justice pointed out, the hypocrisy of the majority of the court here is blatant,” Wang said, citing the Masterpiece Cake Shop case. “They bent over backwards to just sniff out any hint of animus towards Christians.”

The ACLU deputy legal director also stated the Supreme Court “got two things wrong.” (RELATED: Trump Celebrates ‘Tremendous’ Travel Ban Court Victory)

She elaborated, “The court held the president has the power under the immigration laws passed by Congress to enact this kind of nationality based ban,” and said further, “in fact, Congress never authorized the president to engage in this kind of sweeping nationality based ban.”

Wang then brought up a point made by the Justice Elena Kagan about Israel, saying, “If the president of the United States announces ‘I want to ban Jews from coming into the United States and then institutes a nationality based ban on people from Israel,’ yes, that ban would not ban all Jews from coming into the United States and it would also ban Israelis who are not Jewish.”

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