Cruz: If Trump Needs A Nominee, Mike Lee Would Make A Great Supreme Court Justice

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Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz advocated for Trump to nominate his colleague, Utah Sen. Mike Lee, as a Supreme Court justice following Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement Wednesday.


“Do you think it would be easier to get a senator confirmed in this environment, or would that not necessarily matter?” host Dana Perino asked Cruz.

“I think the single best choice the president could make to fill this vacancy is Senator Mike Lee. I think he would be extraordinary,” Cruz said.

The Texas senator then added, “About half of the nominees for Republican presidents have put on the court have turned into train wrecks — have turned into liberal activists. The reason why I think the best choice that President Trump could make is Mike Lee is because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Mike Lee would be faithful to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he will retire Wednesday following a big week for the Supreme Court. On Tuesday, SCOTUS voted 5–4 to support Trump’s travel ban.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday the Senate will support the president’s Supreme Court justice nominee.

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