ICE Director Scorches Dems: ‘Go Strap A Gun To Your Hip’ Before Criticizing Border Control

Fox and Friends 6/29/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan came out against Democrats’ vilification of ICE employees and border patrol agents during an interview on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning.


“As far as these senators and congressmen vilifying ICE and the border patrol — as you said — sir, go strap a gun to your hip. Stand on those lines,” Homan added.

“[Cynthia Nixon] went to a protest yesterday about family separation on the border and then she turns around and blames ICE for it — about ICE separating families. So, first of all, she has to get her facts straight,” he continued.

“Second of all, if you want to do away with ICE, abolish ICE, before she says that she needs to know that ICE took 5,000 criminal aliens off the street of New York that walked out of her sanctuary jails that she supports.”

Multiple New York politicians have come out supporting the abolition of ICE. Congressional hopefuls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nixon have both campaigned upon it. Sen. Gillibrand was the first senator do to so and she so in an interview Thursday night. (RELATED: KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND: FIRST SENATOR TO CALL FOR ICE TO BE ABOLISHED)

Homan’s statements come as protests against ICE continue.

An ICE building in Portland, Oregon was closed for eight days after protestors barred them from the building until police officers cleared them out of the way on Thursday. (RELATED: PROTESTORS BLOCKADE ICE FACILITY — THEN COPS IN TACTICAL GEAR SHOWED UP)