Christian Theologian Makes Case That God Supports Trump’s Border Wall


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Christian author and theologian Wayne Grudem made a Biblical case for walled border security in a Monday column posted on

In the column, Grudem cited several Old Testament instances of people building walls “to protect themselves from thieves, murderers, and other criminals, and from foreign invaders who would seek to destroy the city.”

While people were allowed to enter the cities, Grudem argued, “they had to do so by the gate, so that city officials would have some control over who was coming in and going out.”

“Today’s debate is about a larger area – a national border, not a city – but the principles are the same,” wrote Grudem. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: America’s Elites Want ‘Immigration Without Limit’)

The Christian theologian wrote of the “pathetic shame” of a city without walls, as Jerusalem was after the Babylonian invasion, and quoted several passages to prove his case. Quoting Nehemiah, Grudem also noted the “great celebration” when the Jerusalem wall was finally completed.

Even the wall detailed at the end of Revelation “protects the peace and security of those who are within.”

My conclusion from this overview is that the Bible views border walls as a morally good thing, something for which to thank God. Walls on a border are a major deterrent to evil and they provide clear visible evidence that a city or nation has control over who enters it, something absolutely essential if a government is going to prevent a nation from devolving into more and more anarchy.

Grudem then went through several predictable objections to his case and responded to each one. One key explanation the theologian provided was the correct Biblical definition of “sojourner.”

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