Random Stranger Takes Kid’s MAGA Hat, Then Tosses Drink On Him

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The ongoing harassment of Trump supporters by “courageous” liberals reached another level on Tuesday night when a random adult stranger approached a group of teenagers at a San Antonio, Texas Whataburger and not only stole a MAGA hat one of them was wearing, but tossed his drink on him as well.

Patricia Thompson Spittler posted the following video on her Facebook page Wednesday in hopes that someone might be able to identify the “Scum BAG of the year!”

WATCH: (warning, strong language)

“Please help ID this ‘Scum BAG of the Year!'” wrote Spittler. “My son and his friends were eating at Whataburger on Thousand Oaks last night. His friend was wearing a Patriotic Hat and this happened! It would be nice to know who he is for someone to let him know his actions are not ok! Real tough guy… approaches a group of teenagers minding their own business just having a burger! He kept his hat too! Scum Bag!”

“You ain’t supporting s*it n******… ” the video shows the man saying after he tossed his drink on the teenager.

“This is gonna go right in my f**king fireplace, b*tch,” he said, waving the hat as he walked away. (RELATED: Restaurant Manager Refuses To Serve Customer Wearing MAGA Hat — Is Promptly Fired)

WOAI-TV identified the teenager as 16-year-old Hunter Richard.

“I support my President and if you don’t let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off. I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me,” Richard told WOAI, adding that some of his hair was also pulled during the stranger’s assault.

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