CONFUSION: Nancy Pelosi Messes Up A Chant That She Starts


Justin Caruso Contributor
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Democratic House minority leader Nancy Pelosi appeared to mess up a chant that she started at an event Wednesday.


Pelosi attempts to rally an audience to chant “Clean air! Clean water! Clean government!” Just moments later, she messes up the chant herself in a video first reported on by NTK Network.

Her strange public behavior and occasional difficulty speaking have garnered attention online, as many notice a pattern of such flubs.

In a recent appearance, she repeatedly slurred her words, saying “soy boyn” instead of “soy bean” and “repoot” instead of “repeat.” (RELATED: WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Slurs Words In Strange Public Appearance)

The minority leader has also said, “The Constitution does not say that a person can shout … yell ‘wolf’ in a crowded theater. If you are endangering people, then you don’t have a constitutional right to do that.”(RELATED: Pelosi: You Can’t Yell ‘Wolf’ In A Crowded Theater [VIDEO])

Of course, the actual saying is that you can’t shout “fire” in a crowded theater, not “wolf.”

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