Get This Pocket-Sized Camera Drone At 50 Percent Off

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Camera drones may seem like expensive toys for the rich and famous, but SKEYE offers an awesomely affordable, feature-rich option that integrates with your smartphone. A pocket-sized gadget designed to capture first-person video and stills from mid-air, the Nano 2 is currently half off at The Daily Caller Shop—only $29.

Normally $60, this camera drone is 50 percent off

Normally $60, this camera drone is 50 percent off

SKEYE Nano 2 Camera Drone on sale for $29

Hook your phone up to the included six-axis controller, or just control with the phone itself over Wi-Fi. Automated functions let you take off, land, and hover with ease, and the drone comes set to soar with Ready to Fly tech. You can flip it like an acrobat, turn on the LEDs for a night flight, and adjust the controller for more sensitivity as you build skill.

If selfie drones have always appealed to you, but you couldn’t justify the price or bulk of the ones you’ve seen, consider the Nano 2—currently $29 after the 50% discount on The Daily Caller Shop.

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