VOTE: Who Is The Hottest Liberal?


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Their politics may be ugly, but they definitely aren’t.

Cue the cognitive dissonance.

Below is a list of some of the most gorgeous, tree-hugging, soy-latte-drinking, Karl-Marx-worshiping liberals in the United States. While far from exhaustive, this list is stacked with talent. (RELATED: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won Another New York Primary)



We do not have to agree with their politics to agree that (most of) these women are beautiful.

When a person is hyper-attentive to their public persona (see below) it should not go unnoticed. (RELATED: QUIZ: Which Host Of ‘The View’ Are You?)


When RBG retires from the Supreme Court, it is rumored she is making a run for a Playboy cover. That is the only logical explanation for her spending so much time doing yoga and working out. (RELATED: VOTE: Which Political Pundit Is Best Looking?)

There are many capable women who did not make this list. If you have a personal favorite, comment your choices for hottest liberal below.

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