Ontario Ditches Graphic Sex-Ed For School Kids

REUTERS/Fred Thornhill

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Ontario’s new Conservative government is deep-sixing a graphic sex education program for elementary school kids that presented a cornucopia of sexual behaviors and tastes.

Education Minister Lisa Thompson told reporters on Wednesday that the province would end the controversial program that the previous Liberal government initiated in 2015 — against the wishes of protesting parents who said they had no role in the decision to update the sex-ed program.

The decision fulfills a campaign promise from Premier Doug Ford who said he would scrap the program if his Progressive Conservatives formed the next Ontario government.

“The sex-ed component is going to be reverted back to the manner in which it was prior to the changes that were introduced by the Liberal government,” Thompson told reporters. “We’re going to be moving very swiftly in our consultations, and I will be sharing with you our process in the weeks to come.”

The revamped curriculum was condemned by social conservatives as completely inappropriate for pre-pubescent children with its discussions of gay sex, masturbation and transgender roles.
Teachers took to social media Thursday to angrily oppose the decision. Their union actively opposed Ford in the last election and endorsed the socialist New Democratic Party. But social conservatives are jubilant and heralding the cancellation as a huge victory.
Tanya Granic Allen, who also sought the provincial Conservative leadership, called the decision a win for both parents and school children. Allen, who is the executive director of Parents as First Educators, told the Daily Caller Thursday that the former Liberal government was determined to wage political war on its opponents.
“The previous Premier Kathleen Wynne‎ was determined to impose her leftist ideology onto the classrooms and socially engineer the children. The Wynne sex ed was developed in part by the former Deputy Minister of Education, who is now a convicted child pornographer. Why would anyone want to sexualuize children through this curriculum?” Allen asked.
Allen insists children should be allowed to be children. “Every child develops at his or her pace. It is ultimately the parents, as the first educators of their children, to decide how much and when, in regards to sex-ed. Parents know best, not the state. Introducing sexual material to them when they are not mature enough to process it, is tantamount to abuse.”

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