Hannity Takes To The Streets In London To Interview Anti-Trump Protesters

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Fox News host Sean Hannity took to the streets in London to interview several people protesting President Trump’s U.K. visit and asked them what they don’t like about the U.S. president.


One protester noted the political division in both countries, suggesting that conservatives have been “hoodwinked” by Trump.

“I think America is divided, like Britain,” said a protester. “I think part of America is deeply ashamed and part of America has been hoodwinked.” (RELATED: Donald Trump Jr. Ruthlessly Mocks ‘Baby Balloon’ Resistance Members)

“I think a lot of British people are more intelligent than the Americans are when it comes to voting,” said another.

“I think he represents everything that is toxic about Western culture and Western history, and I’m furious,” said a woman.

“They didn’t have a lot of good reasons, but I thought it was kind of a good party,” Hannity said after the segment.

President Trump’s visit to the U.K. included a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, a joint press conference with British Prime Minster Theresa May and, much to the likely chagrin of the protesters Hannity interviewed, even a moment in Winston Churchill’s chair at Chequers, the former prime minister’s estate. (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Shares Photo Of Trump Sitting In Winston Churchill’s Chair – Internet Melts Down)

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