Putin Calls Collusion ‘Utter Nonsense’ – Asks Reporter To Name A Single Fact To Prove It

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Russian president Vladimir Putin called collusion between Trump and Russia “utter nonsense” during a joint press conference Monday.


“We should be guided by facts. Could you name a single fact that would definitively prove the collusion?” Putin asked a reporter who asked about collusion.

“It is utter nonsense. Just like the president recently mentioned. The public at large in the United States had a certain perceived opinion of the candidates during the campaign, but there is nothing particularly extraordinary about it,” he continued.

“That’s the usual thing. President Trump, when he was a candidate–he mentioned the need to restore the Russia-U.S. relationship, and it’s clear that certain parts of the American society felt sympathetic about it, and different people could express their sympathies in different ways, but isn’t that natural? Isn’t it natural to be sympathetic towards a person who is willing to restore the relationship with our country and who wants to work with us?” (RELATED: Establishment Media Stunned By Trump, Putin Press Conference)

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