Trump Talked With Putin About Nuclear Proliferation, But Calls Out Media For ‘Witch Hunt’ Questions

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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President Trump called out the media for their “witch hunt” questions instead of focusing on important topics like nuclear proliferation during his summit with Russian President Putin in Helsinki, Finland Monday.


“I think it’s a shame. We’re talking about nuclear proliferation, we’re talking about Syria and humanitarian aid, we’re talking about all of these different things, and we get questions on the witch hunt,” the president told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “And I don’t think the people out in the country buy it, but the reporters like to give it a shot. I thought that President Putin was very, very strong.”

The president also stressed that there was “no collusion,” adding, “I think most of the country knows.”

Trump received a tidal wave of criticism following his summit with Putin. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Trump was “aiding and abetting our arch adversary” Russia following the summit, and former Director of the CIA John Brennan said Trump was “treasonous” when speaking beside Putin at the summit. (RELATED: Clapper Accuses Trump Of ‘Aiding And Abetting’ Russia Following Summit With Putin)

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