NY Daily News Front Page Accuses Trump Of Treason, Depicts Him Shooting Uncle Sam

Photo credit should read YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images

Mike Brest Reporter
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The New York Daily News front page had the headline “Open Treason,” with a caricature of Donald Trump shooting Uncle Sam while holding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hand on Tuesday morning.

The image shows the president holding a gun aimed directly at Uncle Sam’s head and there is blood coming from Sam’s head. Trump is holding Putin’s hand in his other hand. The Russian president is depicted without a shirt.

“That sound you hear is the head of the U.S. executive branch stabbing his intelligence agencies in the back in order to side, against all evidence, alongside the leader of a country that meddled in an American election and wants to do it again,” the article the front page was referencing said.

At the bottom of the photo it said, “Trump backs enemy Putin over U.S. intel,” and “Russian spy busted, tied to GOP & NRA.”

That last line is in reference to Maria Butina, a Russian national who was arrested on charges of conspiring to infiltrate American political groups in order to influence U.S. politics according to the Department of Justice. (RELATED: Russian National Linked To NRA Is Charged With Conspiracy)