VOTE: What Was Trump’s Best Burn?

Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Jessica Jenkins Contributor
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President Trump is known for giving nicknames to his rivals.

While other politicians attempt to remain on polite terms with their rivals and only disagree on policy terms, Trump goes after the people he disagrees with directly, coming up with nicknames in order to poke fun at them and their ideals. (RELATED: Donald Trump Tries Out New Nickname For Hillary Clinton)

From Crooked Hillary to Little Marco to Pocahontas, these nicknames make up the unique way that President Trump speaks and tweets. If you intend to go against President Trump, expect a nickname to come your way, either via Twitter or during a Trump rally. (RELATED: Pocahontas Descendant: Elizabeth Warren Should Take A DNA Test)

Which of these Trump burns is the best? Which fell flat? Which favorites didn’t make the list? Vote here and let us know in the comments below in order to make your voice heard.