Worst Call by An Umpire In Baseball History?

(Photo: Screenshot/Andrew Tavani)

Garth Kant Contributor
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It’s really a case of you have to see it to believe it.

And it’s getting hammered in the press and on social media as the worst call by an umpire in the history of baseball.

The video appears to back up that claim because the call is clearly horrible.

It happened during a Mexican League baseball game on Tuesday during what looked like a routine play.

As the video showed, the batter took a full swing and missed. But when the umpire did not call the pitch a strike, the catcher asked for an appeal to the first base ump. That umpire then ruled the batter did not swing, meaning the pitch was called a ball.

It may be the only example in the history of baseball in which a batter took a swing and missed — and the pitch was called a ball.

And the shocking evidence is clear as day on the video.

A Yahoo Sports article describing the incident was headlined, “This is the worst blown call in the history of baseball.”

Both the home plate and the first base umpires were suspended by the league for the rest of the season, according to the article.

The other two umps who failed to overrule the call were reportedly warned by the league.