Michelle Wolf’s ‘ICE Is’ Skit Paints Agency As Terror Group Desperate For Recruits

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Comedian Michelle Wolf took aim at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a skit released ahead of Sunday’s episode of her Netflix show “The Break.”

The skit was titled “ICE Is” (pronounced like ISIS) and compared the law enforcement agency to the terror group responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide.

The skit began by depicting all illegal immigrants as happy families who just wanted to spend time together and celebrate being American. Every ICE agent, in contrast, was depicted as a stupid thug just looking for an excuse to attack someone. (RELATED: Democrat Pushing To Abolish ICE Won’t Say Whether Illegals Should Be Deported For DUIs)

In recent weeks, ICE has been under fire from the left as a number of Democrats and Democratic candidates have called for the abolition of the agency.

The calls came as a result of the situation involving child custody at the U.S.-Mexico border — and in spite of the fact that Border Patrol is the agency primarily responsible for such facilities. ICE, in contrast, is primarily charged with the prevention of terrorism and human trafficking.