MSNBC Correspondent Appears To Refute Own Network, Realizes It, Fumbles, Then Doubles Down

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NBC justice correspondent Pete Williams refuted an MSNBC chyron that attempted to attack Jeff Sessions during an interview with Hallie Jackson on Tuesday.


“Before I let you go, part of your purview as our justice correspondent is also covering the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He just this morning came out, and there was this moment that is, to use a news cliche, raising some eyebrows. I want to play it and I’d love to just get your take on it. Here we go,” Jackson said.

Williams was shown a video of Jeff Sessions giving a speech at a high school when “lock her up” chants broke out. The chyron at the bottom of the screen read “Atty. General Joins ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant At High School Event.”

“Here we are, 2018, and those ‘lock her up’ chants still going, Pete. What is your reaction to that,” Jackson asked.

“I guess that was sort of a memory reflex for him. I’m not sure that he joined the chant. He seemed to be saying that he recognized it,” Williams shot back.

He continued, beginning to fumble his words, “But I guess it was — I guess he was just sort of recognizing it to himself. That’s how I see the tape … Sort of — I’m not sure that he joined it, but I’m sure it was, as he said, familiar to him.”

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