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What’s The Coolest Gun You’re Probably Not Allowed To Own?

Aaron Andrews Contributor
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You’re talking with a friend about gun rights and the limits of the Second Amendment.

“Absolutely, you should be able to own a gun,” she says. “But who needs an assault weapon?” She goes on to spout a line explaining how bump stocks turn regular guns into machine-guns. “Doesn’t the sale of machine guns put the public at higher risk for school shootings? Machine guns kill more people faster, right?”

She has a good point. Fully automatic guns are dangerous when they fall into the wrong hands. You start to wonder: Do we really need them?

But then you read the Second Amendment again. And you remember: The amendment protects our right to bear arms, not just so that we can protect ourselves from crazy school shooters, but so that we can protect ourselves from any threat to our freedom — up to and including our own government.

Have you seen the arms that our soldiers are bearing? Forget automatic machine guns. Have you seen the tanks? The bombers? The helicopters? What if someday our democratic government ran away our rights and decided to start confiscating our property for redistribution and our freedom for the good of the state? Now, that that’s not likely, but let’s play around with the idea. How would we be able to defend our freedom from the behemoth power of the U.S. army?

We’d be helpless.

With that in mind, here is a list of guns that have been banned in parts of the U.S.

What’s the best gun for the preservation of your rights?

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