How Do You Think NFL Anthem-Kneelers Should Be Punished?

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Annie Caputo Contributor
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It’s hard to believe that some who play what is arguably the most American sport in existence refuse to stand during the playing of the national anthem.

Their reasoning behind the kneeling is the right to protest on the behalf of civil rights and injustice, but a huge swath of America has seen the move as disrespectful to the flag and the U.S. military.

They make millions of dollars to play a televised game. Very few viewers tune in to watch a bunch of famous athletes air their political views.

While the NFL only just settled on a punishment for players that kneel in 2018, a lot of people think that there should be a more drastic penalty for their behavior. We want to know which of these punishments would be the most effective in teaching these players a lesson. Rate what you think is the best punishment and see you agrees with you, then leave your answer in a comment below!