Trump Hits Hillary Where It Hurts — Ridicules Her Support With Women

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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President Trump targeted his 2016 election opponent during a manufacturing tour of the midwest Thursday afternoon. Trump attacked the number of women who voted for Hillary Clinton in a speech to the recently reopened Granite City Works Steel Coil Warehouse in Granite City, Illinois. The wide-ranging speech focused on trade and economic policies but Trump veered off to recall why some Americans voted for him in the underdog election.

“They said manufacturing is obsolete,” Trump said of his Democrat opponents, “I said let’s figure this out. How do you make things if you don’t manufacture?”

Trump then pressed his economic and unemployment data, saying “I’m very proud of this. African American unemployment has reached its lowest level in history. Hispanic unemployment has reached its lowest level in history. Asian unemployment has reached its lowest levels in history.”

Trump noted low unemployment numbers for women saying, “They said, ‘Why would women vote for trump?’ I don’t know. I got more than [Hillary Clinton] did. Pretty good.”

Trumps numbers are partially correct. According to election data:

Overall, 54% of women voted for Clinton, much higher than the 42% of women who voted for Trump. But when the women’s vote is divided by race, it becomes clear that black women actually largely drove the so-called gender gap against Trump.

The majority of non-college educated white women (64%) voted for Trump, while 35% backed Clinton. This figure is far higher than non-college educated black women, of which only 3% voted for Trump, and non-college educated Hispanic women, of which 25% voted for Trump. Black, Hispanic and other non-white women backed Clinton in far greater numbers.

“Women, sorry disappoint you,” Trump added, “Women, unemployment only reached a 65-year low. I’m sorry. I’d like to apologize. I want to apologize to the women in the audience.”