Tucker Says Dems Support Open Borders For ‘Reliable New Voters,’ Slams Republicans Perfectly Happy To Grant Their Wish

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Tucker Carlson on Thursday slammed House Republicans, claiming that those who could do something to stop Democratic efforts to “pack the electorate” by filling it with Democratic-leaning immigrants “are not even trying” to do so.

The Fox News host began his opening segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with an analysis of how the Democratic Party has shifted from organizing around “the interests of ordinary Americans” to a raw lust for “power.”


“To the modern Democratic Party, Americans are an after-thought,” said Carlson. “Try to find a Democrat running this year for example on the opioid crisis or high energy prices, the collapse of the public schools or the decline of the middle-class. Hard to find one. Democrats are bored by these topics. What interests them is power. In order to win and maintain power Democrats understand they need reliable new voters, voters who will support them obediently without making difficult demands like a higher standard of living. That’s why the Democratic Party suddenly supports open borders so fervently. Immigration is really the only issue that matters to them because packing the electorate is the only way they can regain control of this country.”

The Fox News host hearkened to a time, not so long ago, when even politicians like Bill Clinton “argued in public that our country should deport illegal immigrants.”

“Now, Democrats claim that non-citizens, even illegal ones have a right to vote in our elections,” said the Daily Caller founder.

And Republicans seem all to happy to help, even though the changes are clearly a “death sentence” for the GOP.

“Just yesterday they tacked an amendment onto an appropriations bill in the House that would preserve the asylum rights of anybody who claims to be fleeing gang violence,” said Carlson. “That change would nullify any effort to secure our southern border. Mexico and Central America have plenty of gang violence. Now all 150 million people who live there can cite that fact as justification to move here and stay, permanently. They will find Democrats eager to give them the right to vote. House Republicans could stop this. They are not even trying.”

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