Dershowitz Explains Why Trump-Cohen Tape Couldn’t Contain Evidence Of A Crime

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Liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz explained why he believes the Trump-Cohen tape couldn’t contain evidence of a crime on Saturday night’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine.”


When the subject of the Trump-Cohen tape came up, the Harvard professor focused on whether or not, as Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani claimed earlier, the tape was “played around” with, stating that the tape should be “subjected to forensic analysis” to find out what exactly was said.

“We must stretch the words to find what out exactly what the president said, what the context was, and most of important why it ended at a particular point,” said Dershowitz. “Was that a decision made by Mr. Cohen to end it there? Was it erased because he said things that were exculpatory? We need to know the entire context of the tape if the tape means anything.” (RELATED: CNN Airs Trump-Cohen Tape)

Dershowitz then explained the reasoning behind why he believes the tape couldn’t contain evidence of any crime.

“The tape does not contain any evidence of crime,” said Dershowitz. “How do I know that? A former judge, appointed by Judge Kimba Wood, made a determination that this tape is covered by the lawyer-client privilege. And criminal discussions are not covered by the lawyer-client privilege. So we already have a judicial determination that this tape does not contain elements of a crime.”

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