Laura Ingraham Mocks CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, Media For Michael Cohen Coverage Hypocrisy

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Laura Ingraham on Friday hammered the establishment media for their hypocritical take on former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.


After playing a montage of media commentators calling Cohen words like “thug,” “goon” and “scumbag” when he was representing the president, Ingraham shifted to the present day, when every word from the former Trump lawyer is seemingly treated as gospel.

“A thug?” asked the Fox News host. “Then you don’t take what a thug says to heart, right? Well, the media would have some questions about his reliability, his credibility? No, no, no. Because what he says now has got to be right.”

Ingraham then played clips of recent coverage about Cohen’s claim that President Trump knew about his son’s meeting with Russians at Trump Tower in 2016. (RELATED: CNN Airs Trump-Cohen Tape)

“Wile E. Coyote almost has the Road Runner! ACME TNT! They’re gonna …” Ingraham exclaimed. “Oh my goodness.”

“Probably if he were so important to this Bob Mueller would not have spun him off [to a different venue],” said The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway.

“‘Abet?'” Ingraham asked, drawing attention to a claim from CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin that Cohen’s contention proves that Trump’s campaign did “aid, and abet, and assist the Russians.”

“I mean, God bless Jeff Toobin. I like him, but come on!” Ingraham said. “He should’ve just said, ‘Can I buy a vowel? I have no idea why this is important.'”

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