Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tells America She’d Like To Remain On The Bench ‘At Least Five More Years’

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Sunday said she wants to keep her Supreme Court seat for “at least five more years.”

“I’m now 85,” Ginsburg said Sunday in New York at a production about late Justice Antonin Scalia called “The Originalist,” CNN reported. “My senior colleague, Justice John Paul Stevens, he stepped down when he was 90, so think I have about at least five more years.”

The liberal SCOTUS justice had kind words to say about her late colleague, despite their political differences.

“If I had my choice of dissenters when I was writing for the court, it would be Justice Scalia,” Ginsburg said, describing the back and forth between the two that helped her develop her arguments as a “ping-pong game.”

Ginsburg cited “good behavior” and the lack of term limits as reasons why she intends to remain on the bench into the foreseeable future. (RELATED: Ginsburg And Gorsuch Are Trolling Each Other In An Epic Way)

“You can’t set term limits, because to do that you’d have to amend the Constitution,” she said. “Article 3 says … we hold our offices during good behavior … And most judges are very well behaved.”

CNN reports that Ginsburg has hired law clerks for at least two more court terms.

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