CNN’s Acosta Frets That Conservative Outlets Might Get Questions From Trump

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

In his latest attempt to stand up for his fellow journalists, CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta alleged that conservative outlets are likely to ask President Donald Trump “softball” questions.


Acosta said on CNN on Monday that he expects the president to call on “friendly conservative media” at his upcoming press conference with the Italian prime minister in order to avoid tough questions. The CNN reporter gave some credit to conservative outlets, guessing that they would still ask about the president’s recent tweets attacking Special Counsel Mueller.

“Even if the president decides to call on friendly conservative media … that it’s very likely that the president will be asked at least why he is being so pointed in going after Mueller by name in these tweets this morning,” Acosta said.

However, he went on to criticize his conservative colleagues, alleging that they are also likely to ask softball questions of the president.


“The president may be tempted to call on somebody in the friendly conservative media to lob a softball at him,” Acosta whined. “We’ve seen them try to do that before, Wolf.”

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