Atlantic Contributor: Abortion Should Be An ‘Inalienable’ Right

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Abortion should be an inalienable right like those guaranteed to Americans by the Constitution, a contributing author to The Atlantic, Deborah Copaken, alleged in a Tuesday op-ed.

“Abortion should be as inalienable a right as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” Copaken wrote in her piece “Three Children, Two Abortions.”

The bestselling New York Times author also advocated for universal health care, subsidized daycare, paid parental leave, expanded birth control access and affordable college, echoing the Democratic Party’s new socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who advocates for universal health care, affordable housing and expanded women’s rights, among other policies.

“You start to wonder why you ever left Paris, where your kids could have had high-quality, affordable, government-subsidized crèches, after your ample months of paid maternity leave, as well as longer school days,” Copaken wrote, lambasting America as a country that pales to European nations like France.

Copaken recounts that she has had five pregnancies and three live births, aborting her first unborn child when she was 17 years old. She aborted her second child when she was 34 years old, noting that she would have aborted the child regardless, but felt less guilty because she’d been taking medication for toenail fungus that would most likely produce deformities in the baby. (RELATED: Here’s How Many Women Would Be Alive Today If They Weren’t Aborted)

“[I] would never knowingly bring a baby into the world who had possible deformations and disabilities from the start, never mind everything else going on at home,” Copaken wrote. “What a woman chooses to do with her body should not be up for debate in 2018.”

The author alleged that pro-lifers care more about babies before they are born than after. “Pro-life actually means pro-blastula, pro-embryo, and pro-fetus, not pro-baby,” Copaken wrote.

“My youngest was not planned. But he was chosen … just as the terminations of the two other unplanned pregnancies were also chosen,” Copaken wrote, recounting that she had accidentally become pregnant for a fifth time at 39 years old and decided to keep the child.

Copaken added that the toll pregnancy can take on a woman’s body often gets lost in the fiery debate about abortion, noting that “[her] body is now a canvas of pregnancy-related scars.”

Copaken is the author of “The Red Book,” “Shutterbabe” and “The ABCs of Parenthood.”

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