Check Out The Spirit Animals Of These 7 Politicians


Jessica Jenkins Contributor
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The media has poked fun at politicians since the beginning of time. From the days of political cartoons to more modern mockery like SNL, the relationship has always been one of a healthy level of ridicule.

We value our politicians for their perspective as well as their expertise when it comes to the monumental task of running this country, not so much their looks. These politicians have some physical similarities with some of our favorite animals. (RELATED: RETURN TO THE SEA: 7 MORE TURTLES THAT LOOK LIKE MITCH MCCONNELL [SLIDESHOW])

From the infamous McConnell turtle comparison to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a moray eel, there are many hilarious examples of the literal animal farm. (RELATED: SOCIALIST PROTESTERS CONFRONT MITCH MCCONNELL LEAVING RESTAURANT)

Did we get it right? Who did we leave off the list? Who’s animal doppelganger is way off? Let us know in the comments below!

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