This Premium Dash Cam Normally Costs $90, But Is Under $30 With This Code

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The best dash cams on the market cost quite a bit of money. Take for example, this premium quality HD dash cam, which normally costs a full $90. That’s a lot of money! But it is worth it, considering the professional sports video processor that ensures higher stability on seamless recording. It records a super wide 170 degree angle, and it does so on loop, meaning it will automatically overwrite the oldest video files when reaching the maximum capacity.

Hold on! With the code N9ZYZHZE, you can get this dash cam for under $30:

Normally $90, this dash cam is 68 percent off with the code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $90, this dash cam is 68 percent off with the code (Photo via Amazon)Dash Cam, CACAGOO Car Dash Cam DVR Dashboard Video Recorder Camera FHD 170 Degree Wide Angle G-sensor Motion Detection Loop Recording Parking Monitor HDR Night Vision on sale for $28.79 with code N9ZYZHZE

You can also lock videos after collisions or crashes so they won’t be deleted from the loop recording. It comes with Super HD 1296p, Full HD 1080p and HDR 1080p resolution video recording and high quality HD video transmission, as well as G-sensor, motion detection and parking monitor features. Get it now before the code expires on August 10.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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