Saudi Couple Arrested For Posting A Steamy Video Of Them Kissing For Like .5 Seconds. End The Madness


Jena Greene Reporter
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A couple in Saudi Arabia is facing jail time for posting a video of them kissing.

The video, which they took while driving down a road in Jazan, lasts only 21 seconds and shows them kissing for less than a second or two. It appears to have first be taken on Snapchat and is captioned in Arabic but reads, “teaching her how to drive.” (RELATED: Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban On Women Driving)

Tons of Saudis on Twitter blasted the couple for their perceived indecency.

“Lack of modesty — I hope they’re both caught soon. Let them be thrown in jail for a few years so that they learn some respect and manners,” one user tweeted.

“They both deserve to be arrested,” another wrote.

“Is this for real?” another incredulous user asked.

Prince Mohammad bin Abdel Aziz ordered them to be arrested shortly after the video was posted. If they’re unmarried, the couple could face some harsh charges since “the kingdom bans relationships outside of marriage, an act considered a sin under Sharia law,” Step Feed writes.

It’s this kind of madness that makes me so happy I won the ovarian lottery and was born in America. Apparently, a different man and a woman were just arrested for driving in the same car together. In the same car! Can you imagine living your life that way?

Besides, on a scale of 1–10 (10 being most scandalous), this photo is mayyyybe a negative 4. There wasn’t even skin-on-skin contact. He gave her a peck on the BURKA. And the whole country melted down.

Those Saudis are in for an eyeful if they ever come into contact with American culture.

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