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The Mirror Top 10: Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz


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After living in Washington for five and a half years, a few months ago Washington Free Beacon‘s Managing Editor David Rutz moved to Roswell, Ga. with his family. Despite the geography, his job with the right-leaning publication remains the same. He’s clearly dedicated to the operation. He started out as a part-timer in 2012. They apparently liked him enough to keep him around full-time.

Rutz got his start in the profession as a sports reporter for a weekly paper called the Northside Neighbor and occasionally wrote for the Marietta Daily Journal before a friend told him about the Free Beacon opening.

He says he moved to Washington for “a fresh start.”

Rutz put himself on the journalistic map for his videos involving MSNBC’s Rev. Al Sharpton on-air gaffes. So much so he had to do a Part II.

Asked about NYT‘s Maggie Haberman recent whopper of a decision to leave the engagement side of Twitter, Rutz threw her a bone.

“I’m glad Haberman didn’t write a column about it and then promptly keep using Twitter, because I’ve seen several people pull that one,” Rutz said with a detective’s tone. “Seriously, though, I think she was smart to do it. Her stories can speak for themselves. I don’t see generally what mainstream reporters get out of Twitter; it’s not in any way a snapshot of real American life.”

That said, you can find Rutz tweeting away at @DavidRutz.

c/o Rutz.

Person: David Rutz

Job: Managing Editor, Washington Free Beacon.

Location: Roswell, GA. (WFB’s central office is in Rosslyn, Va.)

The last restaurant on my credit card: Kona Grill.

Name one Washington figure or journalist you’d vote off the island: D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton; her position is pointless.

Tap, still or sparkling: tap.

Beauty product I refuse to live without: Err, shampoo? Soap?

Where you’ll find me at least once a week: A park with my wife and daughter.

Trump kids ranked: Worst to Best…Tiffany, Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric, Barron.

What I’m complaining about… People treating every piece of news like a Category-5 emergency. And the Braves’ situational hitting.

What I’m hate watching… Deadline White House. An insufferable hour of giggling self-importance.

Your go-to swear word: Bullsh-t. What else?

One thing about me that might surprise you…I have a legitimate fear of heights but absolutely love roller coasters.

When asked to expound on his fear of heights, Rutz replied, “Nope, no childhood trauma, I just have a major lurching feeling in my stomach and get dizzy near heights. I’ve never fallen or anything. But if I’m strapped in on a roller coaster, it doesn’t bother me (lol).”

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