EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Reviews Paul Manafort’s Fashion

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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Conservative political operator Roger Stone reviewed former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s fashion sense, in an exclusive exchange with The Daily Caller.

Manafort’s fashion choices have come to light in recent days as legal proceedings against him continue. Manafort allegedly illegally lobbied for the government of Ukraine and failed to report millions of dollars in ill-gotten income. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s legal team presented a selection of Manafort’s clothing choices to the Jury in recent days including a $15,000 jacket made from ostrisch, a jacket made from snake skin, and proof that he purchased nearly $1 million worth of suits from a single clothier in New York City.

Stone stressed that he is deeply sympathetic to Manafort’s legal plight, has been outraged by his incarceration, and believes him to be totally innocent of all charges. “It take an incredible amount of strength and fortitude to withstand the pressure put on him by Mueller to plead guilty and instead go to trial.”

The conservative operator ripped his former colleague’s sense of style, saying, “it’s what a aluminum siding salesman from Ohio would wear if he became a millionaire.” Stone gave TheDC a lengthier statement noting:

“Manafort’s style choices were generally wrong for his body type – his custom made Italian suits never fit him properly largely because their svelte design was wrong for his build. He did have generally good taste in shirts and ties mostly buying at Charvet in Paris. Bijan of Beverly Hills....Much of his wardrobe is known for two things – the ridiculously expensive prices and gaudiness of their clothing.

Manafort had the view that if something was expensive that meant it was good. He wore $6500 suits that didn’t fit him.”