CNN Reporter Marvels At Lack Of Minorities At South Dakota Motorcycle Gathering


Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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CNN sent a reporter to Sturgis, South Dakota, recently to investigate why biker culture is so pro-Trump.

The laughably awkward teaser for the segment featured CNN reporter Bill Weir wandering around the blue collar town in a CNN ‘Facts First’ shirt and talking to some of the thousands of bikers who ride to Sturgis every year to celebrate the biker lifestyle. In the opening of the segment, Weir is seen driving down the road on a motorcycle complaining about the lack of minorities in the town.

“This is one city that looks nothing like the rest of America,” Weir, who is a white male, observes, “You can go hours without seeing a person of color. In Sturgis, a minority is a white guy on a foreign bike.”

Weir goes on to note that these bikers are not discussing the merits of various progressive causes. “There are no debates over gun control here, offer the ethics of the me too movement,” Weir narrates as the camera shows Trump themed biker gear, “And there is no doubt who is the leader of this pack.”

Weir went on to marvel at the low crime and violence during the festival. He also asked various bikers about Russian collusion. At one point, bikers began chanting “fake news” at Weir and his CNN shirt.