Candace Owens Joins With Trump, Slams ‘Low IQ’ Maxine Waters — ‘Not A Smart Person’

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Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens on Tuesday stated that California Rep. Maxine Waters is “not a smart person.”

Owens’ comment came during a larger discussion on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” about not just President Trump’s prior criticism of Waters, but also the weekend’s dust-up with basketball star Lebron James and the left’s characterization of anyone who criticizes a black non-conservative as automatically racist. (RELATED: CNN Analyst Calls President Trump Racist For Saying Maxine Waters Is A Low-IQ Individual)


“What is your reaction to this kind of response, to a president who actually has said to a lot of people that they are dumb, white and black,” asked guest-host Tammy Bruce. (RELATED: Michael Jordan Responds To Trump-Lebron Feud)

“The left has been operating under this very bizarre assumption you can’t critique a black person in this country unless it makes you automatically racist — that’s ridiculous, that’s false” responded Owens. “I’m critiqued every day. Usually I’m called a porch monkey and I’m referred to as a lot of racial slurs in my Twitter feed because I’m a conservative black thinker. The idea that you can’t think somebody has a low IQ — a provably low IQ — Maxine Waters is not a smart person. You can’t say that because she’s black? That’s ridiculous. The president insults a lot of people, black, white and Hispanic. He’s definitely not looking at color when he talks to someone.”

The topic then shifted to Lebron James and Owens’ believe that CNN’s Don Lemon purposefully shifted the questioning to score a hit on President Trump.

Owens contended that although James is “brilliant on the court,” he does not “understand how to operate” with the media looking to “get that 5-second soundbyte.”

“I would welcome a dialogue with Lebron James,” said Owens. “He is in this regard an ignorant man. He does not understand. I’m not going to refer to him as uneducated but I am going to refer to him as ignorant. He knows very little about politics.”

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