Joe Scarborough Fat-Shames Trump For Not Being Drafted

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Joe Scarborough attacked President Trump’s weight and foot size during a “Morning Joe” segment on Tuesday morning.


After a 1999 video surfaced of Trump going after John McCain being labeled as a hero for being captured, Scarborough and Mika decided to tag-team the president.

“We thought it was the first time he said it in the past few years. It’s a horrific thing to say, and it seems like the public’s relationship with Trump has really transformed as his presence obviously has become all the more serious on the world stage, but he said it so many years ago.” Mika told Jake Sherman, the man who uncovered the new Trump video.

“I’m glad my YouTube fishing is good for something. It is obviously fascinating, and the president has, despite people urging him in his party, he has continued to throw shade at John McCain about his vote last year, about a year ago right now, against repealing the health care law. It has been, obviously, a consistent thread, his disdain for John McCain going back to 1999 when he first thought about running for president,” Sherman said.

Joe Scarborough had enough and interjected. “You know, Willie, this bears repeating. Donald Trump dodged the draft. He got what? Four, five deferments for –”

“Five,” Willie corrected him.

“– Bone spurs. Those little feet. It’s hard to carry around all that weight,” Scarborough concluded.

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