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Forget Their Sexual Harassment Problems, CBS News’ Washington Bureau Struggles With A Jar Of Bean Dip


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CBS News hasn’t had a lot of reasons to applaud itself lately. What, with Charlie Rose‘s bizarre nude swimming and “60 Minutes” boss man Jeff Fager taking an extended summer vacation after an alleged 19 female employees accused him of sexual misconduct, their rep is in the dumps. Even Les Moonves — their president and CEO — is facing allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation from six women.

Seriously. They could use a break from all the scandal. So they cracked open a can of beans and it was a real gas. When journalists in the network’s Washington bureau finally and successfully opened a jar of bean dip Tuesday, there was rampant clapping.

First off, beans in the workplace just seems like a bad idea. Still, Blair Guild, who does reporting and video for CBS News politics, explained that “This is what happens when a bunch of former-indoor-kids are all employed by the same company.”

NBC News congressional reporter Rebecca Shabad flexed her muscles at them, saying, “I could have done it.”

A Washington journalist who preferred to remain anonymous offered a Miss Manners approach to bean dip. ” If it’s a potluck I guess that’s normal,” the reporter said. “If someone just randomly brought it in for everyone, that’s kind of weird. If it’s just a person who brought it in for themselves, that’s fine.”

Marcia Eldridge, deputy digital director at Environment America, jokingly gave CBS’ Washington bureau high marks for opening the dip. “It’s that kind of commitment to the task that distinguishes great newsrooms from good ones,” she wrote.

Asked to expound on the windbag who brought in the dip, CBS News’s digital politics editor Will Rahn would not spill the beans.

“Haha no comment,” he wrote.