NBC Reporter Documents Antifa-Led Charlottesville Protests — And Then They Turn On Him

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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NBC reporter Cal Perry went to Charlottesville, Virginia, to document protests ahead of Sunday night’s planned “Unite the Right” rally — and in spite of the fact that white supremacists had not yet arrived on the scene, approximately 200 Antifa-led protesters soon turned on the police and reporters.

Perry’s coverage began early in the day, as he noted the increased security measures and police presence.

At first, the scene was calm. Visitors to the protest area appeared to be focused on remembering the tragic events that occurred last year.

As darkness fell, however, protesters got louder and more aggressive, demanding that reporters stop filming.

Protesters then began verbally attacking police officers. “Why are you in riot gear? We don’t see no riot here!” they shouted.

And then they attacked reporters — including Perry — physically.

Commentary’s Noah Rothman responded with just four words: “Tomorrow will be bad.”

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