New York Rep. Jerry Nadler: Strzok Firing Is Unjustified

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New York Rep. Jerry Nadler excused embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump text messages during an appearance with Kate Bolduan on Tuesday.


Bolduan acknowledged that the congressman had not yet gone on the record relating to his position on the Strzok firing that came on Monday afternoon. (RELATED: PETER STRZOK FIRED FOR ANTI-TRUMP TEXTS)

“My reaction is several fold. First of all, it’s grossly unfair to Peter Strzok. He had his very strongly felt opinions about Donald Trump, along with half the American people. He expressed them to his girlfriend. He’s entitled to his opinions. He’s entitled to express them.” Nadler said. “Arguably, the only thing he did wrong was use an FBI telephone to send the text messages to his girlfriend. He was then vilified by the President and by the President’s minions, along with a number of other people, starting with Comey and McCabe and others, to try to make the argument that the investigation was compromised somehow,” the congressmen concluded.

Nadler suggested the FBI did not follow protocol in Strzok’s firing, instead suggesting he should have been suspended for 60 days. Nadler says this action is “unprecedented.”

“So do you think they’re bowing to political pressure?” Bolduan asked.

“Yes, I think they’re bowing to political pressure. I think exactly they’re bowing to political pressure … They’re trying to discredit the FBI and the Department of Justice,” Nadler sternly responded.

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