Sarah Sanders Blasts People Who Call The President Racist, He ‘Fights Fire With Fire’ Regardless Of Race

Fox News 8/14/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Sarah Huckabee Sanders dismissed the claims that President Trump is racist for his remarks about Omarosa Newman during the White House press briefing Tuesday afternoon.


“I think it would be great if every single person in this room and every single person in the administration never had to talk about this again. We actually got to focus on the real policies and the real things that not matter just to people in this building but certainly all Americans, African Americans, Hispanics and everybody in between,” Sanders stated.

The president referred to Newman as a “dog” in a tweet earlier on Tuesday. (RELATED: Here Are All The People Trump Has Called ‘Dog’)

Jill Colvin of the Associated Press then asked, “Sarah, what do you say to critics who see his attacks on Omarosa as part of a pattern of insulting prominent African Americans.”

“The president — this has absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with the president calling out someone’s lack of integrity. The idea that you would only point a few of the things that the president has said negative about people that are minorities, the fact is the president’s an equal opportunity person that calls things like he sees it. He always fights fire with fire and he certainly doesn’t hold back,” the press secretary responded.

The most recent accusations  of Trump being a racist comes as rumors disseminate about an alleged tape of the president using the n-word. Former White House staffer Omarosa Newman has released multiple tapes of private conversations she had with other members of the administration and has talked about this infamous tape, however she has not produced it.

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